You Don’t Need No Stinking Vaccine

Yay for @traderjoes creating an organic cold pressed OJ!

Unpasteurized juice tastes so much better and is a pure vehicle for all the good stuff. The only ingredient is oranges!
Great source of Vitamin C! Be kind to your body by giving it what it naturally needs to keep itself healthy.
God gave us these amazing fruits and veggies from the earth 🍊 so food can be our medicine. You don’t need an experimental vaccine loaded with toxins to protect your health. Trust your amazing immune system to fight viruses and do what it’s built to do, and trust yourself to do what makes sense to you rather than blindly putting your faith in experts and corporations, especially Big Pharma, who is much more interested in profits than protecting your health.

Telling the truth is kind. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s not in line with what you’ve been taught your whole life.
Being proactive with your health is the kindest thing you can do for yourself

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