You Are Not Here to Settle

Do you feel like you are settling?

Does settling feel counterintuitive? Yet, at the same time, you don’t want to be greedy for wanting more than you currently have?

Do you feel like it’s not right to have the audacity to believe you can have what you truly desire even though it’s different than what your friends have? Or your family recommends? Or what the culture has conditioned you to believe is the American Dream?

Do you feel selfish even entertaining the thought of wanting more for yourself? Not necessarily from a financial perspective, although that could certainly be included, but moreso but from a joy and fulfillment point of view that comes from living from a place of purpose and personal truth?

At what point did you tell yourself that you should settle? That it’s too late to do the work you feel called to do? Too wrong to leave a relationship that’s “not that bad” even though you both know it’s no longer a good cultural fit, despite the goodness that still exists within it?

Have you accepted that those extra LBS around your mid-section just come with the territory that is middle age?
Or that feeling exhausted and stiff and achey when you get out of bed every morning is just something you have to accept as part of the aging process?

You aren’t here to “get by”.

God doesn’t want you to settle.

Your soul is begging you not to settle.

Rather than tuning out your inner voice that is waiting patiently for you to listen to her/ him, carve out time to inquire & journal about what you really want & be willing to gice yourself permission to admit what you truly desire in the privacy of your own thoughts.

Right liveliehood is your Divine birthright. So is soul connection and true health and vitality.

Are you willing to entertain what you could have if you were to “wave a magic wand”.

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