” And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? “

– Rumi

Together we will make the connection to what it means to be kind to your mind, body, and spirit so you can proactively create vibrant health & vitality, nourishing, impassioned relationships, and meaningful, soul-satisfying work.

Oh, and how about bringing back those little underestimated things called fun and fulfillment back into your life?!

Busyness addiction, overworking, overscheduling, unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, depriving yourself of doing things that you really enjoy, failing to spend time with people you love, and contant overload on your nervous system are not super kind!

The inability to relax and cumulative stress will lead to burn out, depression, and illness, and thinking you are immune from it all can be fatal if left unchecked. Don’t wait for a diagnosis or a crisis to “wake up”!

Right now is an amazing opportunity and exactly the right time to take a proactive approach to radically caring for yourself and your relationships and creating vital, sustainable forms of living and working that bring deep joy and fulfillment.

I work closely with my clients to achieve spirtiual, emotional, and physical wholeness, overcome major blocks and limiting beliefs, and create lasting changes in all areas of life including career, health, relationships, family, and creativity – especially if you think you are not creative!

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