What Do You Want?

Can you take some time to yourself today to ask, “What do I really need?” and “What do I really want?”

The answers to anything you are struggling with are right there, laying just beneath your subconscious, waiting patiently to be accessed so they can be expressed.

Fascinatingly, those answers often scare the living shit out of us, so it’s appears way easier to let them lie dormant. But you can’t deny that they are there.

Giving consideration and expression to our deepest longings takes courage. Facing our fears, shortcomings, inadequacies, and self-doubt is no small undertaking. But those feelings of “there has to be something more” are real and crave attention. And they don’t go away! 😊

We will continue to feel this vague, unsettled feeling that something is amiss, agitated, depressed, anxious, etc. if we continue to deny our true-self and destiny.

I realized about 7 years ago that I have this deep desire to write. Who knew? I never had conscious awareness that this was a desire of mine until I started journaling. Once I gave myself the time and space to put pen to the page, I began to get intimately acquainted with myself in ways I had denied and avoided for decades.

I am recommitting today to give myself the “indulgent” (read: necessary!) time and space to write whatever my inner being wants to express.

The perfectionist censor in me is mercilessly judgmental and critical. The kind, loving part of me no longer has the tolerance to withstand the harshness and silencing.

Giving compassionate attention to the gentle, open-hearted little girl in me that just wants to be seen and heard and connect and help is finally making her way to the forefront of my life.

In what ways have you been denying your own truth and aspirations? Can you spend some time today to uncover what you really need and want?

More play, more creativity (any creativity in any form?!), more rest?

Less scheduling, less social media, less time with people who drain your energy?

More time doing things that make your heart happy? And if you have no clue, more time for recovery, self-discovery, and maybe even a little (gasp!) adventure and fun?!