What Are Kindness Excursions?

Once a month, like-minded families from our Fairfield elementary school venture out into the community on “Kindness Excursions.” Sometimes they are planned events, like visiting with seniors at the local centers; others are thanking various organizations who serve our community, like the Fire Station, Police Station, Town Hall Workers, and DPW, who keep our roads clear when it snows. We also like to write handwritten notes to our favorite stores and local businesses who make it a pleasure to live in our town.

Within the school, we have special days to thank our teachers, staff, and administrators, like bringing hot chocolate to the bus drivers and the dedicated staff who help our kids out of the cars every day.

We also really love doing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) where we leave hand-made bookmarks with loving messages in the books throughout the library, leave coins taped to meters and gum ball machines at the mall, and buy coffee or a meal for the person behind us in line.

We also have an extremely generous school community who regularly participates in drives for winter coats, hats and socks for Homeless Shelters, an annual Turkey and Pie Drive for our local Food Bank, Operation Hope, and donates pet items to the local animal shelter.

For upcoming RAK Week, we are assembling “Blessings Bags” for Center for Family Justice, which will include toiletry items for their Domestic Violence Safe House residents. We also celebrate in school with a Kindness Assembly, “What Kindness Means to Me” bulletin board projects, “I AM” chalking exercises, and RAK Scavenger Hunts, or assembling “Blessings Bags” for Center for Family Justice.

You can implement any of these ideas at any time of the year. Kindness is meant to be 365 days a year, not narrowed to one week in the 2nd week of February!

We think we are doing something kind for others when we extend kindness to others, but we always find that we are the ones who benefit in the process. Kindness is addictive and contagious and before you know it you will be looking for ways to make others feel good every day!

Here is a small sampling of some our fun Kindness Excursions from the last several years. We hope it inspires you to embark on your own similar journey and sparks ideas for more kind acts!

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