Waking Up is Hard to Do

Sometimes it feels like there is an internal war going on inside us. Denial of the self will do that. When we ignore the whispers, & then pleas, & finally shouts, from our inner being about what we really need and desire in our careers, relationships, & family units, something eventually gives.

This can manifest itself in illness, divorce, job loss, financial difficulty or other life upheavals that bring us to our knees and own the truth about the part we played in creating our current reality.

The invisible influence of “the culture” is so profound that we often don’t even realize that the choices we’ve made over time are not necessarily really our own had we been living more consciously and been empowered to deeply reflect and plan our lives based on our authentic needs & aspirations vs that of the collective culture. This can apply to career choices, marriage, religion, peer groups, finances, how we eat, where we live, where we went to school..the list goes on.

What happens if you “wake up” and realize you would have made different choices had they not been influenced by fear, parental expectations, societal pressure, & what you were taught in school?

What if you no longer identify with certain ideals, choices, beliefs?

What if you change your mind?

But you have a life set up based on past choices and paradigms?

There is only one constant in life. Change. And while change stirs up fear, resistance, avoidance and massive upheaval, the only way to bridge the gap to live in alignment with our current beliefs and values is to walk through mindfully, peacefully, and faithfully.

We won’t die from loss, grief, sorrow, shattered dreams. Your heart will ache, you’ll cry your guts out, you’ll feel like you are letting down the people you love most.

But you have to love yourself first so you can love others with a giant open heart. And you have to trust yourself.  And God, the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in. And know without a shadow of a doubt that being true to your inner voice can only be in the higher good of the people you love most and everyone you come into contact with.

It’s kind to give up self-doubt & sabotage. The kindest thing you can do is go inward, inquire, and listen to you.