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Craving something yummy and healthy? Taylor will take care of you! Come visit her and Peri, Yuli, at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe on Saturdays or any of the rest of the amazing and friendly staff that the owners Glen Colello and Lisa Storch have brought together – Helen, Robinson, and Dean.

Glen and Lisa are fellow alums of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and are coming up on their 10th anniversary of opening the Cafe. They have created a very special place in downtown Fairfield that is my downtown hang out. I go there to write, read, catch up with friends, and even work sometimes.

My Favorite Smoothie – please don’t make me pick one! It depends on my mood! Narrowing it here to my go-to’s, but there are others I like too. Here’s a start:

Minty Chip
Spring Ahead
Grateful Green
Peach and Love
Snickers Pie
Pina Colada

Favorite Juices:
The Tara (yes, named after @realfoodmom)

Favorite Eats:
Cilantro Salad
Nori Wrap
Spring Roll
Pizza of the Day
“Cereal and Milk”

Must Try Drinks:
Magic Mushroom Elixir – don’t ask, just try it! If you like chocolate I promise you, you will love it hot or iced – great as a coffee replacement or just a treat

Elevated Iced Coffee – delicious iced latte – you will love!


Obsessed with the Chocolate Pudding – again if you like chocolate, a must consume!

Coconut Parfait – no need to wait for dessert – I have this for breakfast or a snack ~ so good.

You may not know that Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe has a variety of bowls to choose from too ~ smoothie, açaí, and dragon fruit with an amazing array of toppings!!

Finally, a shot a day or at least once a week, keeps the doctor away…
Stop in for wheatgrass, ginger shot, or loaded ginger shot (with turmeric, lemon & black pepper too!)

Everything in the Cafe is Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free and made on the premises but these beautiful , talented people who create and serve their food with love 💜

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