Source Coffeehouse

Meet my main man, Paul, from Source Coffeehouse.

Paul embodies kindness in action. He delightfully greets you with a smile when you saddle up to this amazing local organic coffee bar and he anticipates his customers faves when he sees us coming.  In my case, he knows I’m obsessed with the Oat Milk from Oatly!

Whether I get an iced, hot, or matcha latte, or hot cocoa, oat milk is thick and creamy and Oatly is the bomb!

More on the benefits of oat milk in another post…just trust me, you gotta try it! It’s way more delicious than cow milk, which totally does NOT do a body good!

Back to Paul..he and the crew at Source have quite the artistic talents, creating beautiful designs when you go the hot route (vs iced 😜). He also always remembers to punch your card when you forget, which is much appreciated so you can get your special drink on the house when it fills up.

Paul embodies the owners’ philosophy of the special neighborhood community gathering place they have created while serving great coffee – “Each cup of coffee we serve is a message of love. It’s the product of an immense amount of work and care, connecting you to a coffee farmer all the way across the globe, a roaster 221 miles across the country, and a barista just across the counter”.



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