“Some Day” Is a Total Illusion

Have you been pushing your dreams aside? Waiting until “some day” when you have more time, money, your kids go to college…..you know the drill and can fill in the blank with your own story that’s holding you back from doing what you long to do.

We are all creative beings, despite our inner critics who claim to not have a creative bone in our body!

God wants you to nurture your creative gifts. “Your creativity is your gift back to God”, as Julia Cameron reminded me this morning in “The Artist’s Way” – the book that finally broke that 40+ year “I’m not creative” BS narrative I had running the show and holding me back from doing what I’m on this earth to do.

Please don’t wait until your 40’s to give that “shadow artist” an chance to come out and play. And if you’re middle-aged or older, for the love of God (literall1), indulge your innder child today and give her or himself an opportunity to play and create 🙏.