Slay the Dragon

I have been dancing around doing video and creating a podcast for years. I have so many ideas and resources I want to share, yet I’m terrified of doing so at the same time.

This is a bit of a quandary for someone who wants to help other people transform areas of their lives where they feel stuck – job, career, marriage, health.

I mean, everyone knows that video and podcasts are where you have to be in this noisy world if you want to get your message out there. DUH 🙄

I vacillate between feeling like “tomorrow” I’m going to push through my fear and just start doing both, yet when the time comes to do it, I don’t “feel inspired” or “in the mood” to take action. In fact, the thought of doing a video on most days makes we want to run away and join the circus.

We all have a dragon that we need to slay – that thing that scares you the most. That one thing that if you face it head on, it will solve all of your biggest fears and issues.

For me, it’s doing video and sharing my imperfect, far from all-knowing self out there in a vulnerable way so I can help others, so I can share important information and different perspectives, and so I can speak up about the things that enrage, dishearten and break my heart, as well as share the people, organizations, and causes that inspire me.

There are a lot of them. Too many to list here, but buying and selling children for sex is where I draw the line. I will not continue to allow this to happen on my watch and I will start speaking about it even if I feel like I’m going to die from doing so, because I believe I just might die if I don’t start raising my voice on this topic.

What’s the “one thing” that’s holding you back from doing what you truly want do?

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