Sacred Stewardship

We are all stewards of one another’s spirits. When others suffer, we suffer, because we are all connected.

As difficult as it is to empathize with the pain of others, it’s why we are here. To love one another. To develop such deep love and compassion toward our fellow humans, that our hearts just open wider and wider.

When we shut our hearts down and put our head in the sand regarding the suffering of others, we suffer, because deep down we know that we are the same. That the other person is us.

When we turn our backs on the pain others are experiencing, we turn our backs on ourselves.

When we open up ourselves to the truth of who we are – pure, good, and kind at the core – we naturally desire to be generous with our thoughts, prayers, and actions and begin to live from a “do no harm philosophy”. When we do this, then we naturally begin advocating for a “do no harm” world. We all play a critical role in creating that.

No human should ever be sold for anything. Most especially sex.

No child should ever be abandoned, betrayed, and violated in such a harmful way.

The human spirit is phenomenally resilient, and kids, teens, and adults can heal from the emotional, mental and physical trauma that is a result of human trafficking.

We all get to be the light for people who have suffered in such a profound way. This is why we are here.

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