Pro-Kindness vs Anti-Bullying

Individually, each of us has incredible power to affect another person’s life – for the positive or negative.  Everything we think, say and do matters greatly.

When we choose to speak and act kindly toward others by smiling at them, offering a compliment or reaching out to offer help or support, we could be simply brightening their day, or we could be throwing a lifeline to someone who is deeply suffering.

We have a responsibility as parents, teachers, and leaders to teach kids through modeling our own behavior that we should actively seek opportunities daily to uplift, encourage, and inspire others to feel their best and do their best.

We can create opportunities for kindness in all of our interactions with one another at home, school, in our communities, and at work.

It’s imperative for parents, kids, and teachers to create awareness and truly understand and embrace the fact that there is never, ever a scenario where it’s acceptable to do the following as a misguided way to feel secure, powerful or significant:

1. Tear someone else down

2. Discourage or create self-doubt in another person

3. Make fun of, embarrass, humiliate or shame another person

4. Be intolerant or unaccepting of others differences

5.  Say anything hateful or hurtful that would damage another person’s spirit & self-esteem

6. Engage in violent or aggressiveness toward another human being or suggest that one do harm to themselves

Kids, tweens, teens, and adults need to understand that any of above “bullying” behaviors can lead to a lifetime of struggle, suffering, poor self-esteem, mental illness, and heart-wrenchingly senseless suicides in the worst case scenarios.

We need to come together as parents, educators, and leaders to teach young people to be stewards of one another spirits, and to never cause emotional or physical harm in any way.

Teaching kids to be leaders of their own lives first, through kindness, empathy, and compassion undoubtedly has the best chance of improving our world for the better.

We are committed to creating on-going dialogues and sharing and implementing ideas in our families, schools, and workplaces to empower each other through leadership that is inspired by believing in each other, building each other up, and being committed to one another thriving and achieving our potential individually and collectively.

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