Prayer for a New Day

I used to read from this prayer book every day in my 20s, and as I continue to find my way back to all the basics that gave me a strong foundation from which to thrive, I’m now integrating them into our family life as a way to stay connected and make sure we are keeping God, prayer, and faith at the center of our home.

I share with you here in hopes of exchanging ideas for creating family rituals at home, faith-based and otherwise, as a way to help us all stay connected as we remember and discover new ways to come together in a digitally distracted culture.

Shared from “Illuminata – A Return to Prayer” – Marianne Williamson

Dear God,

Thank you for this new day, it’s beauty and its light.

Thank you for my chance to begin again.

Free me fro the limitations of yesterday.

Today may I be reborn.

May I  become more fully a reflection of Your radiance.

Give me strength and compassion and courage and wisdom.

Show me the light in myself and others.

May I recognize the good that is available everywhere..

May I be, this day, an instrument of love and healing.

Lead me into gentle pastures.

Give me deep peace that I might serve You most deeply.