Prayer Box

I love this prayer box from Natural Life that I gave to Grace, but we kind of share now  It has paper inside so you can give your worries to God. It really works 💜 My Aunt Mary shared this strategy of writing down your worries and physically turning them over by putting them in a jar or a shoebox as a way of  giving your worries to a Higher Power and letting go. I did it for awhile many years ago and am delighted to have this tool to share with the kids now.  

Recently we attended a Moms Demand Action rally to support gun sense in America, and shortly thereafter, Grace was afraid that “shooters” would come into our house at night. She was very concerned at bedtime that someone was going to come into our house at night with a gun.  I felt terribly that in my effort to teach my kids advocacy, I actually ended up planting a fear there that didn’t exist prior 🙁 I thought to take out the Prayer Box I had gotten her last Christmas, and write down her fear and put it the box, and she said it really helped.  We did it 3 more nights, and her fear subsided, thank goodness.

Whatever you are struggling with, surrender it to a power greater than yourself – whoever or whatever that means to you ~ God, the Universe, your Higher Power, the Divine….

When you realize you don’t have to figure it all out and learn to truly surrender, a great weight will be lifted from you.