Own Your Story

What stories do you need to let go of that are no longer serving you?

And which ones are you ready to flip the script on?

We get to choose and rewrite as many drafts as we’d like of this one precious life. We get to explore, try different things, take what we like, and leave the rest behind.

Life is just one giant experiment without any final destination.

Reaching a certain goal or acquiring a particular thing feels good momentarily, but it doesn’t create and sustain long-term happiness and fulfillment.

Like Tony robbins says, “The reason we pursue any goal is because of our perception of how we think it’s attainment will make us feel.”

Fulfillment comes from the challenge and gratification of reinventing yourself, discovering things about yourself that you didn’t even realize (or recognize), and experiencing what you want less of and more in order to feel joy today!

Here’s a novel idea – do what makes you happy today and experience joy now vs pushing it out to “one day when”. It’s a total illusion
Realizing this is incredibly freeing and sets you on a path of truly LIVING your life.

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