Our Dreams Choose Us

Don’t ignore your dreams and the people and activities that make you feel like “This is what I was born to do”!

The longer and more often you deny and resist your true desires and authentic self, the more unhappy you become and the less good you allow to flow into your life.

The more you “indulge” yourself in the people, places, and things that make you feel thrilled, delighted and alive, the better you feel and the more serendipity, ease, and harmony flow in.

I have been reading about these concepts for 20+ years and am finally, truly grasping them at an experiential level – what can I say, I’m a slow take!

The bottom line is, listen to those “crazy” ideas, those “unrealistic” aspirations, those “aha” moments, and those “big” visions and ACT ON THEM!

Our dreams do choose us! Give them time and space to evolve and grow and most importantly, believe that you can truly be, do, and have whatever you envision for yourself, as audacious and outrageous as they may appear to the outside world.

You know the truth. You know your truth. Keep listening and taking action and KNOW you are fully supported.

God, the Universe, your Higher Power, the Divine ~ whatever you believe in ~ WANTS ~ more than anything ~ for you to manifest your most sincere and deepest desires.

Once you truly get this, life becomes a heck of a lot easier, and way more fun!

Your dreams have already chosen you. You know what they are. Give them the love and nurturing they deserve – they need you!!