No One is Immune From Burnout

There I was, laying flat on my back on the lobby floor of the Luxor Hotel after collapsing while waiting to check in. After spending the day in the ER, they released me with the vague diagnosis: exhaustion and stress.


You may know a thing or two about these ways of being too:

*You have an impossible to-do list that not even the most super productive human on earth wouldn’t have an iota of a shot completing one-third of it.

*You are so used to doing what’s expected of you that you don’t even know what it is you really want and need for yourself.

*Even if you did know what you want and need, you feel too guilty to admit it or ask for it.

*You desperately want to relax, but your brain and nervous system are so overloaded that you don’t even know how to just sit and be anymore.

*You can’t concentrate on a solitary task and are curious if there is a test for adult ADHD.

*You are neglecting your spirituality, health, and/or relationships.

*You vaguely remember that fun, focused, powerhouse you were prior to marriage & kids.

*You are fantasizing about renting a hotel room for one, even if it’s in your own town, just to have some solitude, rest, and room service.

You don’t have to let self-deprivation, perfectionism, overwork, scarcity, and unworthiness continue to run you into the ground. And for goodness’ sake, please, do not wait for a crisis or a diagnosis to give you the permission to slow down and give yourself a freaking break.

You just have to learn to be kind to yourself!

I used to get up at 4:45 am every day so I could get to the gym and back before my kids woke up, get their breakfasts and lunches ready and out the door, work an 8-9 hour a day, do the driving – dinner – homework – bedtime routine, then get back on my laptop for a couple of more hours to “wrap up” or just do “a few more things that couldn’t wait until tomorrow”, until I was sleeping 5 hours a night for several years. I deluded myself into believing that I was one of those people that simply didn’t need that much sleep, until the people closest to me expressed concern for me that I was depressed, and that they missed “the old Veronica”.

I missed her too!!!

Our inability to pace ourselves, compulsive busyness, setting unrealistic standards for ourselves, and continually pushing ourselves past our own limits leads to breakdown and burnout. We did not come to this earth to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of a 24 hour period in the pursuit of achievement and material things. Burnout is no joke. And no one is immune.

A recent Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found that 23% reported feeling burnt out at work very often or always, while an additional 44% reported feeling burnt out sometimes.

We always have a choice to slow down, to get off the schedule, to go inward, to examine whether the life we are living is in alignment with our true values and beliefs. Is our overconsuming, overbuying, overachieving sustainable? Are they filling the void we are so desperately attempting to fill?

What are we truly hungry for? What are our deepest longings and desires? What’s really in our hearts that needs to be expressed? There is nothing outside of ourselves that can give us the love and satisfaction we crave. It must come from within.

We are here to experience great love, pleasure, connection, pursue our passions, and be of service to others. We can’t do that if we don’t know how to give and receive to ourselves first.

Seize opportunity to go inward and create true health and happiness from the inside out.

If you want to learn how to be radically kind to yourself so you can show up as the extraordinary person that you already are, reconnect with your true purpose, and start creating life on your own terms, book a free Discovery Call so we can explore these questions together.