My Aspirations for Us

This popped up in my Facebook feed today. I posted it 4 years ago today on 1/2/17.
I’m simultaneously struck by how much progress I’ve made in all of these areas with the major life changes I’ve made,  and at the same time recognize that life is always a continuum of ups and downs and joy and grief,  and I peacefully embrace that life is always ebbing and flowing,  that we are all works in progress, and there is no such thing as perfection.
There is no “getting there”, no hard stop destination.  This idea of when I do or have or even am “xyz” I’ll feel “xyz” is a bit of an illusion because we are constantly evolving, raising our vibrations, and creating new visions and ideals for ourselves.
What also strikes me is that I wrote a different aspiration for each line, yet compassion came up 4 times, and I am deeply grateful, and fairly awed, to finally, truly, embody this value toward myself, not just others.
2020 was an incredible opportunity to cultivate compassion all around and my prayer is that we all continue to nurture this virtue as we continue to practice learning to be comfortable with uncertainty, welcome the opportunity to surrender, and let God take the wheel for awhile. Life is a heck of a lot easier, and way more fun, when we can truly learn to let go by trusting ourselves and our Higher Power.
Here are my intentions for all of us:
More exploring. Less predictability.
More clarity. Less chaos.
More self-expression. Less self-censoring.
More action. Less talk.
More truth. Less delusion.
More ease. Less struggle.
More freedom. Less constriction.
More allowing. Less resistance.
More flexibility. Less rigidity.
More grey. Less black & white.
More meaningful family rituals. Less devices.
More home cooked meals that we prepare together. Less winging it.
More phone calls to family & friends. Less texts and emails.
More laughter. Less taking myself so damn seriously.
More consciousness. Less distraction.
More connection. Less isolation.
More time on the road. Less time at my desk.
More time in nature. Less time inside.
More love. Less fear.
More trust. Less doubt.
More faith. Less worry.
More healthy foods. Less processed junk.
More true vitality. Less caffeine.
More consistent daily habits that are sustainable. Less all or nothing.
More gentleness. Less harshness.
More kindness. Less meanness.
More thoughtfulness. Less neglect.
More generosity. Less self-centeredness.
More compassion. Less judgement.
More compassion. Less criticism.
More compassion. Less guilt.
More compassion. Less shame.
More stillness. Less running around.
More awareness. Less disassociation.
More big thinking. Less limitations.
More deep breathing. Less holding my breath.
More light. Less darkness.
More creativity. Less perfectionism.
More remembering. Less forgetting.
More knowing. Less doubting.
More blessing. Less cursing.
More gratitude. Less victimization.
More variety. Less routine.
More fun. Less deprivation.
More eager anticipation of good things to come.
More collaboration.
More presence.
More peace.
More devotion.
Way more dancing.
More joy.
More rest…that’s not spent unconscious.
More sleep.
More yoga. Less rules about when, where, how long, & what kind.
More meditation. Less expectations about whether I’m doing it right & what I’m getting from it.
More journaling.
More travel.
More adventure.
More bliss.
More remembering and keeping my connection with the Divine.
More expression of who I really am.
More expression of who you really are!
More of anything and everything that makes you feel amazing!