Meet Stan

Meet Stan! Stan is a lovely man from Bridgeport whose food stamps were recently cut back.

Stan was diagnosed with disability two years ago and had to stop driving his limo and go on disability. He loves working and misses it, but it’s very hard for him to get around now.

He takes the bus to Fairfield to walk through town and get exercise. We met today on the Post Road in front of First Impressions and we had a lovely walk and chat.

He loves Captains Pizza so I got him a pizza for him and his brother, who he lives with.

Despite the fact that it’s been hard to make ends meet, Stand is super upbeat and positive and relies on the kindness of strangers to bridge the gap for certain necessities with the smaller amount of food stamps he has been getting.

He has a hearing this week, so I pray and trust that he will receive what he needs to sustain himself.

There is opportunity to help in little ways and connect everywhere you look. Stan felt like I was helping him, but once again I was uplifted and inspired from our exchange.