Listen to Your Body

Life IS too short to eat mindlessly!!!!! Such a great reminder from Green & Tonic !

It wasn’t until about 7 years ago that I really made the connection that eating healthfully and giving my body the nutrition it needs is one of the kindest acts I can give myself.

Health is vitality, not just an absence of disease, and food totally affects our mindset and mood. Once I started paying attention to how certain foods made me feel (clear and energetic vs tired and foggy), I started craving whole, real food more and more over processed, packaged stuff, and eating foods that make me feel good confirms what we all know inside – this is how we are meant to eat.

When I eat “unhealthy” food, I get the same confirmation. This is not how I’m intended to eat and does not make me feel fantastic. Not only because of the ingredients, but because we tend to overeat things like chips, dessert, french fries, etc. because of the the sugar, fat, salt, and addictive chemical flavorings that exist

This is not to say I don’t eat junk and that I don’t fall off the bandwagon of healthful eating and am not tempted by and give into foods I grew up on that make me happy in the moment, but feel crappy after the fact. It just means that I do so with eyes wide open to the consequences of how will make me feel (and look if I don’t keep it in check).

More on this in another post soon!

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