It’s NOT Just a Mask – Ask Victims of Child Trafficking

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'A child in America is 66,667 times more likely to to be sold to human traffickers than die of Covid 19. In addition, your masks assist in them being transported undetected and unidentified to anyone.'
It’s not “just a mask”. Please, for our children who are praying daily that they don’t have to be raped for a 10th time that day and that someone, somehow will rescue them, let’s at least protect more kids from being sexually abused. exploited, and sold.
Let’s take off the masks and the muzzles and be willing to see and talk about the bigger picture and how all of these things are seemingly unrelated. Mass suffering and harm is being caused unneccessarily for a virus that is definitely not fun, but you have a 99% chance of recovering from.