Is the “American Dream” for Everyone?

We’ve all had this “American Dream” vision of what our lives will look like as we begin adulting:
*Go to college
*Get a “good” job (who defines “good”?)
*Get married
*Start a family
*Save for retirement

When you think about it, for some, this may sound a bit confining. For some, it’s idyllic, and for many others, we don’t take the time to unpack what this all means and how it will play out.

We have been so conditioned by the culture, that we accept this one-size-fits-all approach to one’s life without much exploration or inquiry into whether these values & ideals belong to us, our parents, or society.

I work with 2 types of people in my coaching program:
1) People in their 20s-30s who have just dipped their toe on this path, and may be questioning whether it’s the route they want to continue with.
2) 40-55ers disillusioned by the promises that this path claims, & are questioning if they want to “undo” what they just spent 2 decades setting up.

The operative words in both cases is “questioning”. I support you in a deep dive exploration to help you discover what you really want, why you want it, and how to own it so you can live in true alignment with your own desires and aspirations.
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