The Artist’s Way

Here’s my ideal way to spend an hour by myself!

Journaling has been such an incredible way for me to really get to know myself in my 40s.

One of the most influential books on my life has been “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. It’s promoted as “A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self”.

For years I didn’t purchase it because I was one of those, “Oh, I don’t have a creative bone in my body” types. Seriously, I literally hated art class in elementary school and my art truly was the “worst” in the class. It just was.

I was already too “in my head” and “perfectionistic” by the ripe old age of 9 and stifled any creative inclinations at a very early age.

This book, which has exercises at the end of each chapter, takes you through a 12 week discovery and recovery process that is truly healing and uplifting to your soul.

It provides a safe and fun space to get reacquainted with yourself and remember things you have forgotten about yourself or have buried in the name of responsibility.

If you are feeling stifled, stuck, trapped, flat, or out of sorts, this is what I prescribe! I have re-read and re-done the exercises several times over the years, and new epiphanies and old reminders never fail to emerge.

I highly recommend this book to men and women alike and anyone who wants to reconnect, or perhaps, like me, connect for the first time ever, with that creative part of yourself that longs to be expressed in whatever form makes your spirit recognize, “Yes, this is who I am!”

One of the core principles of the book is, “The refusal to be creative is self-will and counter to our true nature”.

“We must remain ready to ask, open-minded to be led, and willing to believe despite our bouts of disbelief. Creativity is an act of faith, and we must be faithful to that faith, willing to share it to help others and to be helped in return”.

I see and feel that writing is this for me, so I will continue to surrender to the act of putting pen to paper and sharing resources that have helped me over the years and make my heart happy.  

Have you been neglecting your creative side, or denying you even have one? Please, go get this book immediately! I promise it will be fun though, and may even feel a bit self-indulgent 🙂

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