How Much Control, Privacy, & Liberty Are You Willing to Give Away to Government?

The Government does not need to know more about what we are doing. We need to know more about what the government is doing”.
There has never been a truer statement today than there has been in any other time in history.
I was totally one of those people who said, “I don’t get involved in politics”, “I don’t watch the news” (because it’s so negative), “I don’t like conflict”, “What difference can I make in this massive machine?”and “I don’t have time”.
This year, in the middle of getting divorced, starting a new business during Covid, and helping a nonprofit that helps child survivors of human trafficking, I HAD TO MAKE THE TIME.
One of my strengths is that I’m naturally curious and am always asking the question “What’s the truth?” throughout my day. Another is that I enjoy research and am wired for service and justice.
One of my weaknesses is that I get overwhelmed and disheartened easily, and because of the sheer amount of information I have exposed myself to over the years across quite a wide range of topics, much of it since I had kids, my flight gene kicks in and I want to run away and live in Sedona. My resourcefulness and power get hijacked and I can fall out of taking action.
My tendency is to get fired up about a topic that concerns me, feel that mama bear / warrior in me rise up, and then fear it and shut down and feel like there is only so much difference I can make as one person. My imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs around time have held me back from doing so much more than what’s in my heart and head. I am fighting through it. I have to.
I’ve had to face my own cognitive disonance around so many seemingly isparate issues that I now see are 100% related, and I’ve learned to sit in the heartache, righteous anger, and uncertaintly of it all, while demanding answers, and wrestling with what my part is to play in all of it.
A year ago today, I knew about the deep, pervasive corruption, greed, and outright lies the government has gotten away with for far too long. I knew about the fraud, exploitation, and malfeasance that is ubiquitous in the companies I used to give my money to prior to learning about how they prioritize their profits over your health and mine.
I was furious about the revolving door that exists between corporations, lobbyists, and governments and shit they get away with while harming others. I could see the overeach that was happening and had real concerns about privacy and surveillance.
I even knew how these organizations murder whistleblowers, and those who possess very disparaging knowledge of how things really roll at the very top, murdered or “commit suicide” because of what they know would be the beginning of their end.
What I didn’t know one year ago today was there is actually a term for all of this called the “Deep State” or “Cabal”. I certainly had no frame of reference for things like lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, and contract tracing, nor could I possibly predict the striking spike in depression, suicide, addiction, domestic violence, horrifying child & human trafficking, and bankruptcy and financial ruin, that would occur in 2020.
The elderly being isolated from their loved ones and dying alone is unconsionable and criminal. I guarantee if you took a poll of parents and grandparents who haven’t seen their children in 9 months, a massively high percentage of them would say they’d take their chances and would rather see you, then be withering away inside of 4 walls or a house with no one in it. I know my mom would rather see us. The point is that she should have a choice. As we should about everything.
Each and every one of us has to ask ourselves, radically honestly, in the privacy of our own open hearts and minds, these questions. I recommend grabbing a journal or piece of paper and give yourself the time, space and solitude to inquire:
  • “For a virus that has a survival rate of between 99.5 percent and 99.997 percent for ages 69 years or younder and a 94.6% survival rate for 94.6%, are the these lockdowns warranted and is the collateral damage and mass suffering resulting from make sense?
  • “Am I willing to continue giving up my liberties, and my kids’ liberties when I really understand these #s and how compare they to other causes of death?”
  • “Am I willing to do unbiased research to the best of my ability, outside of the mainstream news outlets?” (I have a long list if you are interested).
  • “Does any of this actually make sense?”
  • “What will be the longer-lasting mental, emotional, and physical impacts of mask-wearing, fear-mongering, misinformation, and censorship going to have on our kids?”
  • “Why am I so afraid of dying?”
  • “Do I understand that death is a part of life?”
  • “Do I trust that when it’s my time to go, it will be so?”
  • “Why do I place more stock in what a doctor or government official tells me than knowing how to care for my own heath proactively and trusting my body’s innate ability to heal itself?”
  • “Who is the ultimate authority on my body?” and “Who is the ultimate authority on my kids’ bodies?”
  • “Is there something more sinister going on here?” “What exactly is all of this Globalist New World Order” stuff I hear being thrown around? Who are the billionaires leading that agenda? Do they really care about my health or are they putting profits ahead of people?
  • “Am I at least open to the idea that could this have been planned?” (and didn’t I see a show or movie where these types of crazy things really do go down”). Maybe I should watch some of these documentaries I have been dismissing and sit down and see if there’s any truth to any of it”.
  • “Who benefits from mandated mass vaccine policies?”
  • “Do I know the risks?”
  • “Am I willing to inject this fast-tracked vaccine into my bloodstream knowing what the dangers are?”
We all have to run cost/benefit analysis and assess risk every day. This virus is no different.
Going back to a year ago today, I most certainly did know about the dangers of vaccines laoded with toxins, the Act put in place in 1986 to protect pharmaceutical companies from liability to individuals and families who were harmed or died from vaccines. I had watched and read and listened to more stories from parents than my heart could bare of their perfectly healthy bablies and kids being forever changed immediately following a vaccine. And I knew about the bills being created in states, including CT, to remove the “Religious and Philisophical Exemptions” over the last couple years, coincidentally before Covid “hit” and mandated vaccines being rolled out.
You may say that you hate politics or don’t want to get involved, and you may not identify with either political party as it currently stands, however you caring has never mattered more. Getting clear on what YOU think, and WHY you think it is critical. How do you think this very broken system will change, if you don’t demand it? We each have to demand it ~ We the People.
Regardless of who you voted for, don’t you want a fair election system? Regardless of what party you affiliate yourself with, don’t you want transparency? Are you really ok with an election process that is wrought with fraud? Are you willing to look the other wa as long as it supports the candidate you want to see in office? Do you really hate the incumbent so much that you are willing to have an entire democracy be compromised?  And, do you really want to live in a Socialist country? That is where we are headed if you don’t start to care and do research outside of MSM.
Study history and learn how they start with taking away small liberties while making you feel good about it via virtue signaling (“It’s just a mask”, “You must get a vaccine if you want to work here, travel there”, etc), and how these are grooming tactics that will turn out to be highly disastrous in a short amount of time (just like survivors who are trafficked). The elite globalists are not concerned about your health or your prosperity. They care about control, power, and more money in their pockets.
Your very clear stance on how much governement control you are comfortable with, how courageous you are to say what you believe in spite of fear, shame and abandonment, and your willingness to stand in your truth, are needed desperately right now.
Please, chuck all of those disempowering stories out the window today about why you, as one person, can not make a difference or don’t have time to make a difference. Go inward, keep your heart open, and learn to trust yourself as the absolute authority on all things involving you, your body, your property, your business, and most importantly your kids.
Your health and freedom and that of your childrens’, and the country they grow up in going forward, matters greatly.