Harmful Lyrics

My fellow humans…
And most specifically parents of a kid or teen on tik tok….and any kid who listens to hip hop.

Can we please stop denying that the lyrics in the songs our kids are listening to and videos they are exposed to don’t matter?!?

Do we really have to accept that this is whats being fed to them and that it’s just the culture we live in?!? This is what’s being fed to them on a daily basis. Multiple times a day.

And please let’s not pretend that this shit does not contribute to violence against girls and women.

The most horrendous part of it is it is our very own 10-16 year old girls age who are singing the lyrics to these songs. Sometimes provocatively. Often with predators, traffickers, and perverts on the other end of the video screen to add insult to injury (understatement). I’m tired of this.

Shazam any song your daughter has done a tick tok video to and this is just a sample of what comes up………take a deep breath.

Pop a perc and I black out
Fuckin’, I’m blowing her back out
WWE, if she fucking with me
Put the pussy on Smack Down
Gang, gang, gang, gang
And this not a trap house
I’m in a condo, you know I’m up now
I don’t know how to use a computer, but
Trust me, bitch, I bring the Mac out
Gang, gang, gang, gang
I’m with a e-girl, this not an e-date
I pop these pills and I fall asleep for like three days
Up all night on a muhfuckin’ school day
Cheese on my head like I’m playing for Green Bay
I fell asleep on September 1st
Wake me up at the end of the month, no Green Day
Turn that blick sideways
Let it rip like a fucking Beyblade
I just got back from Paris
Watch my money go up off the fucking exchange rate
I don’t clang gang but I got two dicks on me
Every goddamn day, ay, gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
That’s seven days a week
You pussy niggas weak
And I’m boutta feast
Bitch, give me brain like a geek
Freeze, police
Bitch, I ain’t stopping for shit
You gonna have to shoot me on God
I got a Uzi, extended the clip
Now that shit is tall, Lil Uzi
Choke the shit out a bitch, look at her neck
Those are not hickeys, they bruises
Look at my bag, it’s Louis
I get more neck than a mufuckin’ crew neck, on God
My numbers went up, how he do that?
I’m on your block making noise like a jet
I paint my nails and make them beat the piss out a nigga
He thought I was soft, my whip Megatron
This bitch suck my dick when she heard what it costs, on God
Blicky, and Becky, Lebron
She shake her ass on my fucking glock
Um, pause, I got the sauce
Stand on my money I look like the Rock (Gang)
Let me hear that shit one time