Got Oat Milk?

Got Oatly?

I’m so excited to have discovered the awesomeness of oat milk!! There are so many delicious milk alternatives on the market now, they have an entire shelf in the grocery store dedicated to them.

That’s because, despite the lies we have been fed by the dairy industry since birth, milk actually does NOT do a body good! In fact, quite the opposite! The jig is up, and the information is readily available at your fingertips. Here is just one of a ton of articles on the BS lies we have been told about milk –

I find oat milk to be especially yummy combined with iced and hot lattes,  matcha lattes, and hot chocolate! While I like almond, hemp, and coconut milk, I don’t love it hot in my lattes and cocoa. I find oat milk to be creamier and tastier and am in heaven that it’s 100% vegan!

No dairy, not nuts, no gluten and. NO SACRIFICE!! It’s freaking delicious!

And as a side note I love their branding! You can learn more about their products and their process and where you can get Oatly at

Major props to Source Coffeehouse in Black Rock, CT and Tatte Bakery in Boston for carrying oat milk which is how I got introduced to it!

Thank you to Whole Foods Market and Target for carrying it so I can drink it at home! Oatly’s website also has an Oatly Store Finder so you can find one near you!

Try it for yourself and see how you like it!!!

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