God Loves You

Grace and I went to NYC today, and part of our excursions always include talking to people without homes.

I want to acknowledge every person I come into contact with, most especially those marginalized and suffering. I want to uplift and encourage them. I want to spread love. I want to buy them a meal, an umbrella, or whatever they most desperately need.

I want to understand what series of unfortunate circumstances led one to living on the streets and without loved ones. It’s usually a combo of factors, and not in alignment with most people’s assumptions.

Imagine how unbearable it must to be without a home, and then have people judge you and make assumptions about your character and worthiness on top of that. Let’s go way out of our way to make these people know that we see them. We feel for them. We wish them well. We love them.

We each hold up a mirror to one another. I see myself in the faces of these homeless people. I want to help them all. I want to talk to them all. I want to give them a hug and tell them they are loved.

I don’t understand why anyone has to sleep on the concrete without a pillow. . I don’t know what it’s like to be truly hungry. I have no frame of reference for how alone and abandoned these people must feel as we hurry by on our cell phones, and line up at Starbucks. But some people literally don’t have a bed. A kitchen, a bathroom. My heart hurts for how much I take for granted.

This man that Grace and I talked to today literally said the words “I will never give up”. He still has incredible optimism, hope, and faith and is reminding US that WE are loved.

Let’s all remind each other how much we are loved. Let’s vow never to walk by a homeless person again without giving a bare minimum: a smile, pat on the back, hug, or high five. Your will literally feel your heart open and will open theirs at the same time. This is why we are here ❤️💗💜