Full Harvest Moon in Aries

Full Harvest Moon in Aries 🌕

I always sleep with my shades all the way up and windows open on full moon and new moon nights 🌚

From the Magic Horoscope:

“How will the full moon in Aries on October 1st affect you? The lunar strength increases your ability to understand emotions and situations that until now have been blocked from your mind. Releasing this mental energy will allow you to deal with unresolved issues but will also open up a distressing space of unrest and uncertainty.

As you become more aware of where you are and what you need to feel happy and satisfied, it can increase your anxiety about confronting an uncomfortable reality that you were previously unaware of. The keys are growth and acceptance.

The connection with this Full Moon in Aries offers you an opportunity to deepen your personal growth, which will come from humility to recognize your problems and the motivation to change the current circumstances. Acceptance is the previous step that you must approach with serenity, through meditation and openness of mind and soul.”

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