Freedom to Choose

Kindness = The Freedom to Choose What We Put Into Our Bodies

Please take action to protect our medical freedom to choose.

!!!URGENT CALL TO ACTION!!! ALL HANDS ON DECK!! More Government overreach happening….THIS IS ABOUT the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE…

Lamont has recently shared his intention to vaccinate EVERYONE with the flu vaccine here: “According to the report, the state plans to “implement efforts” to immunize every resident who does not have a contraindication to the influenza vaccine.” The long term intention here is to require full vaccination of adults as a condition to getting a driver’s license or employment, or other similar things.

Isn’t it amazing that there is this push to get the flu shot when this study came out saying you have an almost 40% increase in chances of getting covid if you get the flu shot?…/flu-vaccine-increases-c…/

CT Lawmakers are also planning to raise the religious exemption to vaccination REPEAL bill in a special session as early as next month!…/proponents-of-bill-ending-connecti…/…

What does this mean for you and your family? If this bill is passed, it could require your child or college student to get the COVID vaccine (when it comes out) and any other vaccine (flu shot, etc) added to the schedule in order to attend school or college or daycare or summer camp, etc in the state of CT.

Please write your legislators TODAY and tell them why you oppose this measure. Links to legislators below. We will need THOUSANDS to show up again at this special session as soon as we know the date. Share with friends, family, neighbors, now….we need to gather our army!!

We will have action items in the near future but in the meantime, please write to your own legislators (State Rep and Senator) in your town to tell them you oppose his intention to vaccinate EVERYONE with the flu vaccine and that you oppose the removal of the Religious Exemption to Vaccination. To find your legislator, search here: