First Selectman Declares “RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK”



First Selectman Tetreau announced today that he has proclaimed the week of February 10, 2014 through February 16, 2014 as “Random Acts of Kindness Week” in the Town of Fairfield. The First Selectman had issued a proclamation to Fairfield resident Veronica Mollica, who launched this idea last year with the Town’s help, at last week’s Board of Selectmen meeting to bring awareness to this special week.

Random Acts of Kindness Week is held the second full week of February each year. It is designed to give those who are either not currently aware of Random Acts of Kindness or those who wish to call attention to the value of kind actions a chance to experience the joy of passing along kindness.

The purpose of this Week is to raise awareness about kindness and to invite citizens to give and receive kindness daily. The intention is to celebrate this important week in Fairfield to deepen a “Community of Kindness” by practicing kindness in our families, schools and workplace 365 days a year.

Celebrations vary widely. An individual may celebrate kindness by performing anonymous kind acts all week long. An educator may lead a discussion about kindness and involve students in a brief kindness activity. Some celebrations can be school-wide. Some celebrations can be community-based rather than school-based. For hundreds of ideas, go to

During this special week in Fairfield, stickers printed up with “Kindness Matters”, balloons, flowers, and hugs will be randomly given out to people around town and local businesses; flyers will be made up about the Week with kindness ideas that will be posted in the windows of some of our local businesses; and some of our schools will be celebrating throughout the week by making handmade cards for seniors, food pantries, homeless shelters, and service people in our town.

Many more ideas can be put into practice throughout the year leading up to next year’s Random Acts of Kindness Week. They may include holding essay contests in schools about “What Kindness Means” to each student; schools considering making Kindness Posters that can be displayed around the school, our town and with local businesses; or a list of kindness ideas displayed on the Town’s website during RAK Week.

First Selectman Tetreau said, “I thank Ms. Mollica for stepping up to implement these kindness acts which are especially welcome in the fast-paced world we live in. It is so nice to honor one of our citizens for taking the initiative to continue this kindness movement within our community in hopes that these positive actions will inspire others to pass along kindness and help create a community of goodwill.”

Ms. Mollica said, “My hope is to help people remember that kindness starts at home in our families. The long-term goal is to have an ongoing dialogue at home and in our schools about the power of our words and actions and how they have an effect on others. I hope this initiative inspires people to slow down and pay more attention to their thoughts, words and actions and brings a better awareness that everything we say and do makes a difference.”

Last year, Random Acts of Kindness Week was celebrated in Fairfield in the following ways:

• The First Selectman issued a proclamation declaring Fairfield as a town where “Kindness Matters”; and
• A 1000 stickers were printed up that said, “Kindness Matters” and, along with flowers, balloons and hugs, these items were given out by the Mollica family around town for five days to strangers and businesses encouraging them to “Pass It On”; and
• Flyers that said “Kindness Matters” were printed up and displayed in many of the downtown storefronts; and
• Families from North Stratified School (NSS) made homemade cards and donated baked goods that were delivered to the Police and Fire Departments, DPW, and the employees at Town Hall to thank them for their dedication and service; and
• At NSS, a slogan “Kindness Matters at NSS!” was created and the front entranceway was designated as a “Kindness Zone” with posters and quotes. A Kindness Assembly was held and a “Kindness Pledge” was made for the school. All the students wrote on hearts “What Kindness Means to Them” which were displayed all around the school, and “Kindness Coins” were made and given out by teachers who would pass them out to students and encourage them to “Pay It Forward”.

This Year, Random Acts of Kindness will be recognized by:

• At least three of the Town’s schools will perform some of the Acts of Kindness from last year, but with more people participating and on a bigger scale, focusing more on making cards for people to brighten their day for various organizations around Fairfield; and
• North Stratfield Elementary School’s Kindness Committee planning to share these ideas with all of the PTA Presidents so that every school in Fairfield can consider celebrating RAK Week in some capacity; and
• Each day, there will be “Kindness Excursions” to places like the Fairfield Senior Center, The Carlton, Fairfield Counseling Services, and Town Hall to deliver handmade cards from the students at one of the elementary schools; and
• Handmade cards and baked goods will be delivered to the Police and Fire departments, and DPW; and
• A “Bus Driver Appreciation Day”, “Custodian Appreciation Day”, “Lunch Staff /Aide Appreciation Day”, and “Office Staff Appreciation Day” at a school will be held where students will make hand-made cards and say “thank you” to these important people in their lives; and
• Fifth graders at one elementary school will read essays on “What Kindness Means to Me” at the Kindness Assembly; and
• There will be a Food Drive at one of the elementary schools for Operation Hope; and
• Used towels and blankets, along with dog/cat food and toys, will be collected to donate to the Town’s Animal Shelter; and
• Random Acts of Kindness will continue all around town during this week, handing out balloons, stickers, and hugs to anyone who will receive them; and
• Thoughtful acts will be encouraged for each other in our families to show how much we appreciate one another.

For more information on Random Acts of Kindness Week, please contact Veronica Mollica at 203-615-3285