Fasting From Stress: How to Live an Integrated Life at Work & Home

Join Bill Donaldson from Love Has a Home, Inc. and The Kindness Solution at
Sticks and Stones Farm for this deep dive, transformative workshop with Mark Morey.

If you are tired of being in a perpetual state of overwhelm and stress and ready to cultivate real, sustainable change, here is a phenomenal place to start, among other like-minded people people hungry for the same.

We will be focusing on Saturday on 4 core aspects of being a whole and healthy human being; attention on our mind, wellness in our body, regulating our emotions and fulfillment of our spirit.

Experiencing the ship falling apart at the seams? Juggling too much? Struggling with too much to manage and not enough time to stop and reflect on what is meaningful and important? Join Connected Leader in partnership with The Kindness Solution and Love Has A Home, in a day of restoration and reconnection to what’s important. Mark Morey will present a regenerative system that addresses the serious issues of workplace burnout, family neglect and lack of personal development to handle life’s complexities. The core pillars of nature connection, cultural mentoring and leadership development form a powerful approach to leading life rather than being reactive to it.

This mindful approach leads to improved well being, caring about others and performance. Imagine a life where each day your conscious choices have left each engagement nourished and better than you found them.

The Kindness Solution’s mission is to bring consciousness and compassion to our relationships with ourselves and one another at work, home or in community. Love Has A Home strives to create a world of compassion, kindness, peace, and a healthy, thriving planet. The need is greater than ever in a world that is increasingly divided. This day will not only be restorative, through engaging the 4 aspects of a whole person, but will outline a long term plan for building your capacity as a leader to create a powerful culture of connection and mindfulness in every sphere of your life.

Space is limited so register with the link below, and please share with anyone you feel could benefit from this gift to oneself. Many thanks!

Here is a the link to learn more and register: