Dry Brush Much?

As I kick off the new year, I’m returning to all the health hacks I have learned over the years that do my mind, body, and spirit good, so I want to share them with you because we share what we have to learn, or in this case, remember!

I learned about dry brushing when I did my first cleanse, as exfoliating is an important way to detoxify the body from head to toe. Be sure to pick a brush with a long handle so you can reach your back!

You can and should dry brush once a day (two is fab!) before your get in the shower and/or before you go to bed.

Benefits of Dry Brushing:

•Removes toxins from your body
•Improves your lymphatic system
•Increases blood circulation
•Exfoliates dead skin cells and encourages new cell renewal
•Get softer, smoother, brighter, healthier skin – may help diminish the appearance of cellulite

These are all very kind things to do for your body 💜

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