Create a Family Media Plan

Ever feel like every day is Groundhog Day when it comes to reminders and disussions around screen time with your kids?

Feel like you and your spouse / partner are not 100% on the same page around what is the “appropriate” or “healthy” amount of screen time in the ubiquitous digital world we are living in?

Do you get a bit disheartened and maybe even a little heartbroken when your kids look like zombies resembling the picture on the cover of “Glow Kids: How screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids – And How to Break the Trance” by  Dr. Nicholas Kardaras? Still sitting on my nightstand, P.S. It’s next on my list!

Since so much of what these kids do lives inside of their phones and devices, it can be overwhelming as a parent to know what the right amount of time makes sense for them to be on them vs. how much is too much as it relates to their emotional, physical, and mental health, along with their brain development and ability to focus.  Also on my reading list is “Distracted: How to Reconnect our Digitally Distracted Kids” by Thomas Kersting.

I’d love to start a book club in my community so that we can read these books together and support one another in navigating these parenting landscape.  Consider doing the same with your friends or in your school!

With our 14-year old son starting high school tomorrow and our 11-year old daughter kicking off middle (without a phone), I’m feeling a compelling need to create more concrete, clear, and enforceable boundaries around what makes sense for our family to feel connected and thrive in this wild adventure we call life to ensure that we are actually, you know, living.

We just created this “Family Media Plan” on which you can save and print and agree to so you don’t have to keep repeating the same inane, hollow pleas for your kids to put down their devices.  I’m super excited about kicking off the new school year with defined expectations so we can all be on the same page and develop consistency and good habits individually and as a family!