Coaching & Kindness

I coach you to reconnect with your core values and aspirations by remembering your truth, supporting you in telling your truth, and bringing your life into alignment by living your truth. Operative words being *living” and “YOUR”. You truly do only have one life, and it’s up to you to live in a way that feels harmoniously alinged and wildly fulfilling!
I support you in questioning what you have been been taught to date through a process of deep self-inquiry & experimentation in order to discover what you personally think, believe, and desire for your life vs. unconsciously adhering to cultural norms and societal pressures.
The kindest thing you can do in this lifetime is give yourself permission to unleash your authenticity and creativity (ESPECIALLY if you think you’re not creative), and live a life that is uncensored, adventurous, and, (gasp), FUN!
No more deprivation. No more censorship. No more hiding. Time to come out of the closet as your most magnificent self!