Cleanse to Heal & Vegan Cooking Classes

I’m excited to dig into Anthony William’s “Cleanse to Heal” today! Special shout out to my dear friend and partner in crime, Isabelle Menozzi for giving her copy to me so I have it in my library! We are all about taking the overwhelm out of eating healthfully and experieincing how fantabulous it feels to live a vegan lifestyle 💜

I still call myself the “Health Coach Who Doesn’t Cook”, but there’s hope for me yet! And you as well! Reach out to me if you’d like to learn about transitioning to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet with her cooking classes she offers out of her home in Fairfield. The Medical Medium’s series of books is what helped Isabelle transition 100% to a vegan diet and she has never felt or looked better! I’m not as hard core as she is, however I aspire to be 🙂 And having her as my neighbor is a MAJOR side bonus!

Anthony William shares healing plans for suffering of anxiety, depression, Gut problems, Lyme brain fog, weight issues, migraines, bloating, fatigue, psoriasis, cysts, fibroids, UTI, endometriosis amd autoimmune issues.