A Bookmark Activity to Foster Cultures of Kindness

One of our most popular activities during #RAKWEEK is to create tons of handmade bookmarks, each with a quote or encouraging note.

We then meet up at our local library to hide the bookmarks inside random books. Our kids love this event and it’s easy to do! Just get the word out to your parents and students in advance so they have enough time to make bookmarks.

And you can enlist the help of other orgs like the girl scout or boy scout troops so together you can make large quantities of bookmarks! It is also a great indoor recess or after school activity if any of your kid’s teachers want to help.

Then, call your local library to get permission and find a time that works best for them. Lastly, have everyone meet up at the library to hide those bookmarks and have fun! The kids will have a blast sneaking the bookmarks into those books, and choosing the perfect book for each one. It doesn’t require too much of your time, and it is a great pick me activity up for children and adults alike!


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