Best Coffee In Fairfield

Have you tried the avocado toast at Wake Up Coffee at the Fairfield Metro Train Station ? Well, what are you waiting for?! They make their very own signature homemade pretzels and pretzel bread that the avocado is served on, as are all their sandwiches. And they just started offering breakfast this week!

Their croissants, chocolate croissants, pastries, and desserts are baked fresh daily on-site….and if you get there early enough you may be lucky enough to get something fresh and warm out of the oven 🤗

The owners are lovely and live here in Fairfield with kids in the public school system. They invested a lot of time and energy to create a very inviting and open space where you will enjoy meeting a friend or flying solo with your laptop to change up the working at home scenery.

And Jasmine will welcome you with a smile, some delightful convo, and will make you feel right at home 🏡