“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality”

– Mahatma Gandhi

About Veronicall Mollica The Kindness SolutionHi there! I’m Veronica.

I’m really happy you’re here!

Coincidence?! No way.

The Universe has a way of connecting people who get each other.

Can you relate with any of my story?

Overworked? Overwhelmed? Teetering on or already crossed over to full blown burnout? Is your primary mantra, “There’s not enough time in the day?!” Are you ENTIRELY SICK of feeling that no matter how much you do, it’s simply never “enough”?

Fret not! BREATHE. This is something I have just a little bit of experience with, and I am here to tell you, you can absolutely reclaim your fun, free, adventurous spirit and create the life you know you really want, even though you’re not even ready to admit what that is yet! 

I’m intimately familiar with the toll burnout takes after working long hours as an entrepreneur and then an executive of a start-up , raising two children, being the primary earner in my family in a very expensive area of the country, volunteering in my kids’ schools and the community, going through a Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis and treatment plan with my husband, caring for my mother through two strokes and dementia, and ultimately leaving my 22-year marriage.  

The cumulative stress of working in a career that was no longer fulfilling to me, yet feeling completely trapped by the salary, benefits, and equity that came with my most recent executive role in the midst of a divorce with 2 kids to support, left me lying flat on my back in the lobby of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas at a conference I attended in 2019. 

The diagnosis at the ER: stress and exhaustion. NO SHIT!!

So I did what any super responsible, people-pleasing, rule follower would do when I returned. I “burned the boats” to pursue my true calling that I have literally been longing to do for years – helping people transform any area of their life they feel stuck in!

My work no longer feels like work, I get to take a stand for amazing clients every day, and I’m finally sharing my vision with you for The Kindnesss Solution that’s been in my heart and head since 2014!

We are not meant to suffer. We are not meant to settle. 

If you know you don’t want to do either anymore, together we will go on an exciting adventure of self-disovery and recovery so you can move from stress, anxiety, and scarcity, to grace, abundance, and creative self-expression.

It’s time for you to boldly create the life you desire on YOUR own terms. 

I Believe

…that kindness matters.

…in radical self-acceptance, compassion, and love.

…in telling the truth and being vulnerable.

…that our creative self-expression is crucial.

…real food is medicine for our souls.

…in our body’s ability to heal itself.

…that life is a giant experiment.

…that we should question everything that we have ever been taught.

…that there are universal truths that we all share.

…but that we get to decide what’s true for us personally.

…and we get to change our minds about stuff. As many times as we choose to.

…that every answer we are looking for lies within us, but we need to elevate the quality questions and be willing to listen to the answers.

…that journaling is the absolute best way to remember what we know, but forget, and want to remember again.

…in being a force for good.

…in miracles.

…in LOVE.