Your Invitation to a Conversation in Kindness

I’m sharing this on behalf of Michael Lloyd-White, the CEO of World Kindness USA. I’m honored to be on the Advisory Board for this organization, and we are gearing up for our first annual conference in Washington, DC in November to celebrate World Kindness Day.

A Conversation In Kindness is a clarion “Call to Action” inviting influential thought leaders to come together. The conversation is about collectively addressing a global culture in decline. Kindness does the heavy lifting in our darkest hours and is the best tool in our arsenal to take on the campaign of fear and hate whether at home or abroad.

This is your opportunity to join a national platform for collaboration built on a foundation of kindness to explore the “Kinder Option” in politics, business, religion and life to bridge the divides through addressing the plight of civil discourse. If you are interested in hosting A Conversation In Kindness in your town or city, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Goodwill Ambassadors.

Please Contact:

Veronica Mollica