Vaccine Epidemic

“Vaccine Epidemic” is the book that set me on my path to learn more about the safety and efficacy of vaccines in 2012. I have been reading, researching, and watching documentaries ever since. Here is a summary of the book that every person, and certainly every parent, should at least read as a frame of reference with the current vaccine schedule sitting at 72. The ingredients in vaccines are highly toxic and there are tons of injuries and deaths that pharmaceutical companies know they are going to pay out every year to these familes, but it still pales in comparison to the profits, and that’s a choice they are happy to make. This was a sobering truth that broke my heart and has left me seeking answers ever since. I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m PRO INFORMED CHOICE. There is a difference, please understand that.

“Public health officials state that vaccines for children and adults are safe and effective, but the truth is far more complicated.

Vaccination is a serious medical intervention that always carries the potential to injure and cause death as well as to prevent disease. Coercive vaccination policies deprive people of free and informed consent—the hallmark of ethical medicine. Americans are increasingly concerned about vaccine safety and the right to make individual, informed choices together with their healthcare practitioners.

Vaccine Epidemic focuses on the searing debate surrounding individual and parental vaccination choice in the United States.

Newly updated with additional chapters focusing on institutional scientific misconduct, mandates for healthcare workers, concerns about HPV vaccine development, and the story behind the Supreme Court’s recent vaccine decision, Vaccine Epidemic remains the essential handbook for the vaccination choice movement and required reading for all people contemplating vaccination for themselves and their children.”