My Go-To Spot for All Things Healthy & Vegan

Craving something yummy and healthy? Glen and his team will take care of you! Come visit Taylor, Helen, David, Peri, and Yuli at Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe and the rest of the amazing and friendly staff that the owners Glen Colello and Lisa Storch have brought together.

Glen and Lisa are fellow alums of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Institute and are coming up on their 10th anniversary of opening the Cafe. They have created a very special place in downtown Fairfield that is my hang out. I go there to write, read, catch up with friends, and work sometimes.

Here are my Recommendations:

My Favorite Smoothie – please don’t make me pick one! It depends on my mood! Narrowing it here to my go-to’s, but there are others I like too. Here’s a start:

Minty Chip
Spring Ahead
Grateful Green
Peach and Love
Snickers Pie
Pina Colada

Favorite Juices:
The Tara (yes, named after @realfoodmom)

Favorite Eats:
Cilantro Salad
Nori Wrap
Spring Roll
Pizza of the Day
“Cereal and Milk”

Must Try Drinks:
Magic Mushroom Elixir – don’t ask, just try it! If you like chocolate I promise you, you will love it hot or iced – great as a coffee replacement or just a yes my treat

Elevated Iced Coffee – delicious iced latte – you will love!


Obsessed with the Chocolate Pudding – again if you like chocolate, a must consume!

Coconut Parfait – no need to wait for dessert – I have this for breakfast or a snack ~ so good.

You may not know that Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe has a variety of bowls to choose from too ~ smoothie, açaí, and dragon fruit with an amazing array of toppings!!

Finally, a shot a day or at least once a week, keeps the doctor away…
Stop in for wheatgrass, ginger shot, or loaded ginger shot (with turmeric, lemon & black pepper too!)

Everything in the Cafe is Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free and made on the premises by these beautiful, talented people who create and serve their food with love 💜

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