“I Don’t Know What My Purpose Is”

I’m revisiting “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” by Carolyn Myss. This was one of the first books I read on healing over 20 years ago.

So often our vocation, the work God literally “calls” us to do, is staring us right in the face ~ sometimes from our bookshelves!

I have always been drawn to doctors, authors, and teachers who teach about our body’s innate ability to heal itself, how illness is tied to our emotions, and alternative healing therapy practices.

Now I find myself studying shamanism, getting my Reiki 2 certification, learning about the askashic records, as well as astrology and the lunar cycle.

The signs were there all along. A quarter of my books have the title “healing”, “sacred”, “divine”, “love”, “soul”, and “spirit”.

If you hear yourself saying, “I don’t know what my purpose is” or “I don’t know why I’m really here”, pause, look around, and think about how you spend your free time and what you spend your money on. Those are always really good indicators! 💜