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"Truth searches for no one. It waits to be found."


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HI I'M VERONICA. You can call me V :-)

I want to show you how to use Kindness as the vehicle to reconnect with YOU. I’m talking about, the truth of who you really are - awesome at the core and here to shine. No more playing small allowed! You are here to thrive, experience joy and connection, play and create, and live your purpose and passion!

Together we can make the connection between Kindness and creating vibrant health, deep fulfillment, and happy relationships. It all starts with the 3 Pillars of Kindness.

Pillar 1: Kindness always starts with how you treat yourself. From the thoughts you think, the food you eat, the movement and rest you give your body to how you manage your finances, heeding your true calling, and giving yourself permission to do things that make your heart happy. No more self-deprivation!

Pillar 2: Kindness begins at home. Let’s face it, the people we love most on the planet are the ones who see us in our most unkind moments. Sharing your life and living space with one person can be challenging enough. Adding kids into the mix with the pace of our culture and meeting the individual needs of different family members is not for the faint of heart! Learn how to slow down, disconnect digitally, and create space and rituals that help everyone reconnect.

Pillar 3: Extend kindness in our schools, workplaces, communities, online and the world. Once we spiritually reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones, we can intentionally focus on uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring every person we come into contact with. We begin to look at every aspect of our life through kindness, living consciously with a “Do No Harm” philosophy. This includes choosing to redirect our spending toward socially conscious companies, becoming advocates for ourselves, families, animals, and the environment, and anyone who is suffering so deeply that they need us to use our voices on their behalf to create massive change in the name of love and stewardship.
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"Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love."



  • I always look forward to my conversations with Veronica. She is able to strike a balance of listening while sharing her wealth of experience and insights. She has helped me stay focused on my goals and objectives while also challenging me to think differently and put myself in uncomfortable scenarios and situations to grow and learn. I am a much better human; professionally and personally from Veronica’s coaching and mentoring styles.

    Kim S. Stephen Search Partner, Talented Humans, L.P.
  • When you work with Veronica, you know she is living out from the honesty and life source of who she truly is. Because she is connected to her true self physically, spiritually, and professionally, she is able to genuinely and authentically support those who truly want to create an extraordinary personal life and career.

    Lorentine G.


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